Kensington Calling

London can often feel like a bees nest – people aimlessly buzzing  in their own little hexagonal world. That is why one of the best things about this city is the number of green places to escape to from the concrete jungle. Kensington Palace, and its surrounding gardens, was my first choice on a brutally balmy recent summer day.

Kensington 4

The area borders Hyde Park, that other lovely green escape. However, everything feels a tad more regal on the Kensington side.

Kensington 2

The sun desperately burst through the tree tops as we lay on the grass in the shade.Kensington 5

Kensington 8

Kensington 10

Kensington 9

Kensington 13

Kensington 12

Kensington 11

I opted for natural, earthy tones on this afternoon stroll in rural paradise. My floral vintage crop top and long terracotta skirt (Primark) flowed around me in the breezy high temperatures. As is classic for summer I accessorised with a tan gold-chained bag (Urban Outfitters) and a tan skinny belt (Primark). On my feet were my all-time favourite purchase of the season thus far – white block-heeled sandals (Primark).

Kensington 20

Kensington 21

Kensington 18

Kensington 19

Kensington 17
 Kensington Palace gardens proved more manicured. Sometimes only rainbow-hued flower beds and at least one lake will do when one is a princess…

Kensington 16

Kensington 14

Kensington 6


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