Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival is one of those rare, beautiful days when everyone within one square mile of Portobello Road takes Marley’s lead and doesn’t worry about a thing, drinks like there’s no Tuesday morning and dances literally dawn to dusk. Yesterday the Carnival brought heaps of colour to a gorgeous Notting Hill, and the sound systems blared out seriously hip-shaking-inducing West Indian music…

Carnival 4

Carnival 5

Carnival 18

I went to the carnival with the gorgeous Claire and Cicely. We soaked up the sun, got pretty tipsy and gasped at the “twerking” dancers in barely-there thongs…

Carnival 1

Carnival 7

Cicely and Claire working fringing and bright prints for carnival. Check out Claire’s fabulous fashion blog here. The last time I visited Portobello Road it was full of adorable, niche vintage stalls. Yesterday it was buzzing with richly adorned floats, professional dancers and a perfect atmosphere…

Carnival 9

Carnival 2

Carnival 3

Carnival 14

The dancers’ costumes were incredible up close (see above). As was the street style on show – bright tropical or floral prints, crop tops, pixie boots and denim dungarees were the trends of choice.

Carnival 17

Carnival 11

Carnival 16

Carnival 10

Carnival 13

The traditional, English backdrop of Notting Hill provided a strange contrast to the very cosmopolitan Carnival festivities. However, the  combination made it all the more special. It has been held in the area every year without fail since 1966, and it’s fair to say from yesterday’s huge street party, it’s very much a part of London.

Carnival 8

Carnival 6

Carnival 15

Everyone should experience this part of the city’s culture at least once. Although you’ll definitely want to go back for more. I rolled into bed around midnight exhausted, stuffed with Nandos, having caught up with some amazing friends, and memories of flouro pink costumes…


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