SW1 Fun

I’ve recently been lucky enough to move to South West London. It’s all white uniform façades, quaint home-ware boutiques and Italian-style cafes. I may not live in the mews-of-my-dreams just yet, but I’m a stone’s throw from the King’s Road, and thought I’d take a wander.

black railings     flower basket

Streets of Pimlico en route.

white pillars     sloane square

Pimlico (left) and Sloane Square (right).

Sloane Square, true to form, is sided by expensive shops, including Tiffany and Rag & Bone. There is also a rather ugly Peter Jones department store and regular gaggle of gormless tourists too, but if you go and sit in the heart of the square next to the fountain, armed with a copy of Tatler, it’s bliss.

sloane sign

My favourite discovery of the day was that Brandy Melville (below) had a London branch, and on the King’s Road no less. I had drooled over their effortless, laid-back, Californian-fused wares in Rome and LA, but had no idea they had reached our shores. Brandy you have made my year. Adorning, Chelsea-themed, vintage-looking displays, the affordable brand turned unfussy, neutral-hued tops and dresses into essentials, and threw in lots of fringing, earthy prints and tan leather for superb bohemian effect. Forget Jack Wills at number 72, it’s all about number 33.

Brandy Melville 2    Brandy Melville 3

Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville 4

Saatchi gallery

You have to visit the Saatchi Gallery (above) if  you’re ever in the area. Their very modern and unusual art may not be for everyone’s tastes, but the gallery is immaculate, calming to browse and makes you feel pretty cultured. Did I mention that it’s also free. No excuses.

saatchi 3   saatchi 2saatchi 4    saatchi 5

saatchi 1

The Duke of York Square is probably the most attractive part of the King’s Road. As well as a lovely fountained seating area, and with one of the nicest Patisserie Valerie’s, it also has some rather lovely shopping. Check out this gorgeous coat (below left) that was staring at me straight out of Joseph. My final fabulous King’s Road recommendation is an Italian called Made In Italy (below right). It”s so far down the road that you’ll wonder whether you’ve walked all the way to the Cotswold, but it’s well worth the trek.  I’ve eaten the most delicious pizza by the metre there with friends, and on one of the first dates with my boyfriend.

Joseph coat    made in italy

Joseph Coat                                                             Made in Italy  

No little wander is complete without a trip to Zara, of course. Their Duke of York Square branch was, unsurprisingly, dominated by a certain breed of women. In the changing rooms alone I overheard, “That pencil skirt looks so hawwt on you dahhling”, and “You know where is really good for winter coats? Bicester Village dahhling”. So Chelsea.

Zara      Zara 3

Favourite Zara stock from their Duke of York Square store.

Zara 5Zara legging

Check leggings as modelled by me in a cheeky selfie (left), and the leather/suede leggings on my list to buy next.

zara 4    Zara 2


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