Nottingham: Vintage Times

I hadn’t been shopping in Nottingham for a while. This was, essentially, a clever tactical decision. The shopping in my nearest, dearest city is that good, and I had been attempting to prevent my bulging wardrobe(s) from reaching explosion. You may wonder what has “Shottingham” got in sassy clothing opportunities that London hasn’t? Well, like other cities up north, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, York (the list could go on…), it has some of the best vintage shopping I have come across. Ever. The quality, quantity and sheer range of chic second-hand denim, plaid and leather wares means that Northern lasses tend to have it sussed. More often than not vintage shopping in these cities is also head over creepers cheaper than London counterparts. Authentic denim shirts for £6 and crocodile-effect clutches for £3 anyone? And Nottingham has it no different. I had a lovely little wander today around the Lace Market/ Hockley streets eyeing up the offerings, and have documented below for your pleasure my three favourite vintage haunts…

Braderie Vintage

This is a store that, like a vintage wine, has only got better with time. With branches also in Birmingham and Leamington Spa, Braderie stocks high quality, specially-selected vintage and new clothing, shoes and accessories. What I loved about it particularly was that as well as selling the standard ‘hipster’ shirts, Levi denim and quirky, embroidered knits, they had also stuck true to their vintage roots as a source for unique treasures. I spied old, silky ballet shoes, 1920’s ballgowns and classic Mary Poppins-style clasp bags…

Nottingham - Braderie 4

Nottingham - Braderie

Nottingham - Braderie 3

Cow Vintage

I have been popping into Cow since I was about fourteen, accumulating zillions of flapper dresses, silk scarves and men’s checked shirts.  When I made my usual route to their quaint Nottingham store (they have other outlets in Sheffield, Manchester and Birmingham) I was surprised to find they had moved from their tucked away location to the middle of a cobbled thoroughfare. However, the new shop looked amazing – a tad Urban Outfitters mixed with All Saints – and with a super eclectic and sleek interior and layout. Acres of Levi shorts complemented hectares of silk Hawaiian shirts, however overflowing with vintage choice is no bad thing – just makes the rummaging all the more fun…

Nottingham - Cow

Nottingham - Cow 2

Nottingham - Cow 3

A New Shop

As the shopfront suggests, colour was a big theme at this vintage store. Hues of every kind filled rail upon rail of t-shirts, shirts, jumpers and shorts. While much of the stock is vintage, a lot had also been refashioned into new on-trend pieces out of recycled material – particularly of-the-moment denim dungarees. Favourite find: A pair of faded denim hot pants branded with a worn-effect American flag…

Nottingham - A New Shop 3

Nottingham - A New Shop 2

Nottingham - A New Shop

Aside from the worn-in, well-loved stuff, sales were in full swing on the main high street (the usual bargains were to be spied in Primark), and here are a few gems I picked up…

Nottingham - Zara    Nottingham - Zara Shirt

Floral Peplum Top, White Silk Blouse and Plaid Shirt from Zara

Nottingham - Zara Jeans     Nottingham - Primark top

Leopard Print Skinny Jeans from Zara (left) and Dark Berry-coloured Silky Camisole from Primark (right)

    Nottingham - Primark cardi    Nottingham - Primark Shoes 2

Monochrome Slouchy Cardigan and Black Stiletto Court Shoes from Primark


One thought on “Nottingham: Vintage Times

  1. personally i love vintage shopping and really enjoyed rreading your blogg!
    I also have a fashion blog (im a fashion student in london haha) would be awesome if you could check it out 😀

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