Trends: Fall Edit

When the fashion gods declare that woman is the new look, subtle glamour is where it’s at, or angelic punk is to go unchallenged this forthcoming wintry season, it can all feel a little like trying to decipher style hieroglyphics. However, with the Declaration of the Trends that are imprinted onto the hallowed pages of fashion tomes in a style not dissimilar from the Ten Commandments, they are subsequently struck down for analysis by the blogerrati into something a lot more logical. Lookbook and countless other street style focused sites are overflowing with instances where the catwalk has been translated down to certain looks and whittled down to essential pieces.What follows is a list of key items for autumn/ winter 2013/14 inspired by the catwalk, but approved by those who make these high-fashion offerings wearable.  Fashion’s runway is ultimately the street y’know…

Camo Print

 Christopher Kane went a bit Territorial Army this next season with tank-loads of camouflage. Despite feeling very Action Man this print can be treated like any other. Pair it with classics, not to forget a shot of feminine glamour, and camo print can nicely and nonchalantly toughen up a look. Stick to vintage shirts and skinny trousers from Zara for heavy impact.

Fall Edit - Camo 4Fall Edit - Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane Autumn/ Winter 2013/14 (right)

Fall Edit - Camo 3

Big Jewels

Following on from Elizabeth Taylor’s long-held beliefs, the general consensus about big jewelry in recent months is that it deserves to rest on your decolletage more often than in a box. That means anytime and anywhere. Statement, glittering, couture-worthy necklaces are no longer simply for special occasions, but should be worn everyday to liven up basics with a dash of fashion kudos. Try an OTT and carat-ed assortment around your neck with a baggy cashmere and skinny jeans, and then see how clever you feel. For smaller budgets than Taylor’s, Topshop is your fail-safe.

Fall Edit - Necklace 2Fall Edit - Necklace 1

Florence Welch (left)

Fall Edit - Necklace 3     Fall Edit - Necklace 4

Olivia Palermo (left)

Oversized Coat

The only coat for this season is a mannish, roomy one where the luxurious key is in the soft colour and clever cut. Emily Sheffield cites this spacious sartorial object as the ultimate female tool in a man’s world. Translated into metaphorical terms, it is the elegant equivalent of wearing big mean biker boots as an ’80s teen. If you fear its drowning, pajama-like effect and are yet to be won over by the layering and slimming opportunities beneath, see the September’s Vogue in which Miranda Kerr’s issues some serious sex appeal.

Fall Edit - Coat 2Fall Edit - Coat 4

Miranda Kerr in September’s Vogue

Fall Edit - Coat 5Fall Edit - Coat 6

Stella McCartney (left) and Michael Kors (right) Autumn/ Winter 2013/14

Pale Pink Sweater

Catwalks for autumn/ winter witnessed all shades of candyfloss and sugared icing. Pink is the hue to pipe for, however working it into a more sombre, wintry palette is another thing. Avoid anything too frilly and wear in a graphic-cut mind-set. The humble sweater paired with simple trousers and tough footwear will ward off any hints of the Kardashian.

Fall Edit - Pink 1     Fall Edit - Pink 2

Studio Nicholson (left) and Topshop Unique Autumn/ Winter 2013/14 (right)

Fall Edit - Pink 3

Alexa Chung

Exotic Fur Coat

Coloured fur is big news this season, and exotic, amazonian references ensure there is nowhere to hide. Once you stop feeling like an unwilling extra of Sesame Street, you can enjoy the relief that crayola colours give to dark days. Wear with unashamed confidence, and probably neutrals just to be sure.

Fall Edit - Coloured fur 1Fall Edit - Coloured fur 2

Just Cavalli (left) and Roberto Cavalli (right) Autumn/ Winter 2013/14

Fall Edit - Coloured fur 3

Backstage at Emilio Pucci Autumn/ Winter 2013/14

Thigh-High Boots

On that Pucci note, footwear is about to flash the Red Light somewhat. However, the new breed of thigh-high boots look so slinky and elegant that it does make you wonder why they haven”t caught on before. Maybe it is the hooker look, or perhaps the necessary tugging up every few strides. Needless, on that Pucci note, I am getting a pair.

Fall Edit - thigh boot 1Fall Edit - thigh boot 3

Emilio Pucci Autumn/ Winter 2013/14 (left) and Celine (right)

Fall Edit - thigh boot 2

Emmanuelle Alt

Messy Fishtail 

This trend has grown in popularity over the last year or so, and has culminated into a creation where the more witch-like it appears the more desirable. If you still don’t know how to master a fishtail braid, learn here, and get your hansel-and-gretel on.

Fall - fishtail 1Fall - fishtail 2

Blake Lively (left) and Vivienne Westwood Couture Autumn/ Winter 2013/14 (right)

Fall - fishtail 3


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