No Sweat

‘What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.’

– Jane Austen

The woman who single-handedly made Bath and bonnets appear the epitome of ladylike eighteenth-century chic could not have summarized more accurately the last fortnight of blisteringly, baking, British heatwave.  We are all of course to blame, having spent our entire chilly winter praying for a high-Celsius summer, and then wondering, with great distress, that London has turned into Lebanon for fourteen days. Nonetheless, inelegantly would explain the manner in which most people have dealt with the rising temperatures – drenched in sunburn-guaranteed tanning oil, winter levels of make-up and clothing so closely fitted that Karl Lagerfeld’s neck collar appears undone.

Do not fret however, Muse For Fashion has five fabulous ways to deal with the heat…

1. Get yourself some Stay-put Foundation

No Sweat - Bobbi BrownNo Sweat - DiorNo Sweat - MAC

Don’t let your make-up slip in the warm temperatures with these top quality, long-lasting foundations from Bobbi Brown, Dior and MAC. A quick sweep will keep you looking fresh, and provide a sun block for your skin.

2. Go grab a Little White Dress (LWD)

No Sweat - White Dress 2No Sweat - White Dress 4No Sweat - White Dress 1

The LBD for summer that simply exudes effortless chic. For nothing says Riviera glamour more than an LWD. Pair with sun-kissed skin and tan sandals for days when you need to keep your cool, like Rachel Bilson (top left). For an easy, low-priced version pop to Topshop (top right).

3. Perfect that ‘I Just Threw This Up’ Loose Bun

No Sweat - Messy Bun 1No Sweat - Messy Bun 2No Sweat - Messy Bun 3

Keep your neck, back and shoulders free to tan with a loose up-do chignon. There are various ways to achieve this – usually revolving around piling it all artfully on top of your head – but the look is never “try hard”, even if the reality is. Invest in: thousands of hair grips.

4. Invest in some Go-With-Anything Sunglasses

No Sweat - WayfarersNo Sweat - AviatorsNo Sweat - Bug

The very adventurously wacky sunglasses trends on the catwalks of late have been causing female wardrobe havoc as they fail to look right with pretty much anything. Therefore, if you want to splash out on an expensive pair make sure it is a classic rather than a one-season-wonder. Ray-Ban Wayfarers (worn by Sienna Miller, top left) have demonstrated great staying power in a variety of colours since 1956, while Ray-Ban Aviators (top right) were first made fashionable by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, and they haven’t looked back since. Another safe bet are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s classic bug style shades (bottom).

5. Do Nothing

No Sweat - Pimms Bus

Obviously only if you have the option. Though in all seriousness, get on the Pimm’s.


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