We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday

The traditional British seaside holiday is largely a bastion of the past thanks to the existence of Marbella and Malia, however what I will term, “Coastal Chic”, lives on thanks to the eternal power of pre-1980s summer holiday Polaroids, Cliff Richard and Marks & Spencer’s advertising campaigns. Nonetheless, the look is more stylish than it sounds if today’s “staycations” at Rock and Brighton are anything to go by. Fashion inspired by the British seaside desires clean lines, simple silhouettes and a palette closer to beach house hues.

Yesterday three friends and I took our well-trained weather chances on the hottest day of the year, and went on a traditional seaside road trip to the Lincolnshire coast avec my dad’s nice camera. Here is what happened…


Now Lincolnshire is not exactly blessed with the same beauty of beaches and gourmet level of seafood cuisine as other parts of the British coast, however having been scarred for life by Skegness, I found Sutton-on-Sea to be relatively haute.  We chose our spot as far away from anyone else  as possible and it was bliss.


What Harry wore…

            EqualsSeaside - striped shirtPlusSeaside - navy chino shortsPlusPanama 2


We were soon feeling peckish, and enjoyed some typically coastal cuisine…

Seaside - fish and chipsSeaside - ice cream

Then it was time to go down into the sea…




What Rosie wore…

EqualsSeaside - floppy hatPlusSeaside - green dress 2PlusSeaside - aviators

I desperately avoided Joe’s attempt to get me drenched by the waves…



The Sutton-on-Sea setting…


205      209


What Joe wore…

EqualsSeaside - joe glassesPlusSeaside - white tshirtPlusSeaside - boat shoes

What we found…


A dead starfish.

What we made…


236      237

A rather awful sand castle.

Beach Photoshoot: Take 1…


Take 2…


Take 3…


The rest of the day was spent sunbathing with a cheeky dose of zzz…


Seaside essentials…

Seaside - picnic blanketSeaside - Piz BuinSeaside - speakers

Fashionable seaside inspirations…

Seaside - MulberrySeaside - fashion

Seaside - fashion 2       Seaside - donkeys


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